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Visual Designer Intern

FairFunders is seeking a (Remote!) Visual Designer Intern!

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Purpose Statement

Are you looking for a remote internship with far-reaching, worldwide implications? FairFunders is seeking the best and the brightest to help us achieve our mission of redirecting significant capital funding to minority founders. We advocate for entrepreneurs that are overlooked because of the cliquey, predatory nature of the venture capital industry. Join us in making a difference in the start-up industry!


As a Visual Design Intern for FairFunders, you are responsible for developing and updating content and setting-up the right channels to reach your internal audience. You will help us rebrand and reimagine our company as we rebuild in lieu of the pandemic.


  • Producing new visual designs for use on the web, or applying existing CK styles to new web projects.

  • Designing frequent social media posts and other promotional material.

  • Creating and publishing new designs in an educational technology application.

  • Adapting making designs for new contexts.

  • Creating, transferring, and translating content, including curriculum, social media, website, lessons, and business communication type of content.

  • Creating and transferring miscellaneous content including social media, our website, meeting minutes, financial reports, and other business communication-type content.

Work Schedule

This is a 20 hour per week internship that is expected to last approximately 6 months. Internships will start in December 2021. Flexible schedules are permitted as long as you have a commitment to your set hours. For reference, we operate on Belgian time (C[E]ST).


This position will be 100% remote due to COVID-19 safety regulations.


  • Either currently enrolled in school and can take a semester to do the internship, or a Masters-level student in Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Studio Art, Digital Media, Communications, or any other related fields. Additional experience will be considered.

  • Possesses strong verbal and written communication skills, which enable you to present your ideas clearly.

  • Tenacious, with a desire to grow your industry knowledge as you build your career.

  • Interested in learning about start-ups, what it takes to build a successful company, and learning to provide clients with personalized feedback for impactful solutions.

  • Shows proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. Ability to create graphics, illustrations, and other types of digital media. 

  • Personable and able to work well in a virtual team environment. 

If it sounds like you're a good fit for this position, please email with a resume, your availability to interview, and a paragraph detailing your expertise in relation to the duties outlined above. Subject: VISUAL DESIGNER INTERNSHIP CANDIDATE: [YOUR NAME]


*Please note that at this time, we only offer UNPAID internships. There is no compensation for this role.*